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Our Story

Belles with Balls NL was co-founded by Bonnie Morgan and Alana Walsh- Giovannini in 2018. Bonnie, who faces a diagnosis of a reoccurring type of Ovarian Cancer,and Alana, who lost her mother to the disease, recognized the lack of ongoing research and information available to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians about the disease. Currently no effective screening test to detect Ovarian Cancer or preventative vaccine exists. Typically it is recognized in late stages and treatments are often ineffective because of the progress of the disease. For these reasons, Bonnie and Alana founded Belles with Balls NL in an attempt to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer genetic research being conducted at Memorial University’s Faculty of Medicine. Furthermore, they recognized the importance of early detection of Ovarian Cancer in successful treatment. By donating funds to the Ovarian Cancer Research and Education (OCRE) fund, Belles with Balls NL hopes that Newfoundland and Labrador women will become more aware of the potential warning signs of the disease through attending OCRE’s educational symposiums.

All money raised through Belles with Balls NL fundraising efforts stays in Newfoundland. Belles with Balls NL supports the Ovarian Cancer Research and Education (OCRE) Fund at Memorial University, which in part funds Ovarian Cancer genetic research as well as educational symposiums with physicians and other health care providers to inform the public about the hidden signs of Ovarian Cancer, treatment options, and advancements in genetic research.

Committee Members

Belles with Balls NL is a committee of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about finding better treatment options for Ovarian Cancer as well as educating the public about the symptoms. Our committee consists of co-chairs Bonnie Morgan and Alana Walsh- Giovannini, and members Margie Coombes, Paula Giovannini, Pamela Hoddinott,  Kaitlyn Jarvis, Barbi King, Michele Peach, Tara Power, Janice Ryan and Hayley Wilson.


Belles with Balls NL Committee Members  at the annual "Big Chill" Fundraiser- August 2019.